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Shopping Time has Arrived So many emails and Black Friday deals are going on right now. I thought

So here we are just finishing up with Halloween and we skip right to the Black Friday deals with out even thinking about Thanksgiving. When did this happen? Are we not supposed to be Thankful ALL of November? Well the deals may be flying all around ( and here at Horsemoms we will probably join in) but We want to stop and be Thankful for a minute.

Thankful that we have horses in our life!

Thankful that for all that they teach us about ourselves-(even the things we don't want to acknowledge)

Thankful to the people that we meet through our horse activities.

Thankful for the Farriers, Vets, Barn managers, Trainers who answer our calls and our questions.

Thankful for conversations about our days that our horses listen to and do not judge us, they listen and don't interrupt, don't correct us, and they still love us no matter how our day/week/month has gone. Why?? bc when we are around the horses we slow down, we think about others, and we get the things we bottle up inside of us out.

Now all this is in good practice and we do not take it out on the horses- just to be clear.

Thankful for these wonderful creatures that allow us to be us and move at a pace that we are comfortable with, and they are along for the journey.

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